Project Mischief

Spreading play, connection, and joy around the globe.

What is Project Mischief?

Project Mischief is a movement aiming to help adults recapture the joys of play and real human connection in an increasingly isolated world.

We run monthly play nights in NYC, which incorporate games from childhood recess, summer camps, and the improv world to get you having fun, acting silly, and connecting with others.

We also organize several acts of ethical mischief throughout the year, like pirates vs. ninjas capture the flag and spontaneous dance performances.

Be the reason someone smiles today.

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How long have you been around?
We started hosting one-off events in 2017 and monthly events from mid-2018.

How do people feel about your game nights?
"My face hurts from smiling" and "I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday night" are both things we've heard verbatim after events.

You mention improv -- will I have to perform?
Nope! The games we take from improv are mostly warm-ups to get you having fun, out of your head, and connecting wtih the other members of the group.

Why are you doing this?
We want to bring play and connection to more peoples' lives!

Can I start a chapter in my city?
Yeah! E-mail us for more info:

Can I bring you guys to my workplace?
Yeah! We're currently putting together offerings around culture, team-building, and experiential learning. Email us for more info:

What do you mean by ethical mischief?
Ethical mischief is a public spectacle that brings joy to both the participants and the onlookers! In comparison to a prank, ethical mischief provides the general public with the option to engage or disengage, doesn't involve deception, looks to bring joy into peoples' lives, and often partners with charitable organizations to raise awareness for various causes.

Who runs Project Mischief?
We're a handful of improvisers and community builders based in NYC.

How can I get involved with the NYC chapter?
Come to one of our events and say hi!

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